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Leveraging on the experience and knowledge of our network of event and sport professionals, we will deliver high standard tailor made services to our clients on a wide range of areas.


Commercial Assets Register

Entry level service with the identifica-tion of available assets/ properties per competition.

The outcome is an assets register that may be packaged to determine a meaningful sponsorship portfolio stru-cture.

Marketing Activations

Focus on ideas for marketing acti-vations that will maximise the spon-sors visibility and experience.

Football Social Responsibility Strategies

Support in defining a FSR strategy that establishes the organisation's driving principles and enables a clo-ser proximity to communities, gover-nmental and non-governmental insti-tutions whilst promoting football deve-lopment and fan engagement. Align-ment of the UN's Sustainable Deve-lopment Goals to the local sports con-text.

Business Plans and Tenders

Support the organisation in deve-loping specific business plans for in-vestment projects or key venues - like a national technical centre. This im-plies a maintenance and operational plan as well as the identification of ways to explore the venue in a way that it generates revenue and ensures the overall sustainability. These ser-vices might also be used to establish technical requirements and launch tenders in a series of different areas.

Commercial Strategy

Support the sports organisation to establish an integrated commercial strategy. This will entail the definition of an assets register, definition of sponsor packages, a sponsorship structure. This strategy may include ticketing, merchandising, food and beverage and other revenue drivers depending on the context. It will also explore new business opportunities that might make sense in a given context.

Fan Engagement

Support the sports organisation to engage fans, increase the match at-tendance and generate new streams of revenue. Introduction of data driven concepts as enablers of a modern fan engagement approach.

Business Intelligence

Support the organisations to establish a plan and systems to capture sports data that can be further used for commercial or fan engagement pur-poses.

Other Functional Strategies

Support in the development of func-tional strategies that go beyond the functions previously identified.

Business Meeting
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