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UEFA club competitions workshop, April 2024

Day 2 - UEFA Cycle Kick-Off 2024.jpg

Different BSE experts participated in a UEFA workshop to prepare the 2024-27 club competitions cycle. A new and very exciting competition format will be introduced in order to produce more thrilling ties, to keep the competition at a high level and to maintain the on-going interest of stakeholders. UEFA has gathered Venue Directors, Venue Media Managers and Venue Operations Broadcast Managers to provide a briefing about the new cycle and the level of excellence that is required.

FIBA Operational Readiness, February 2024

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-12 at 18.11.04.jpeg

Pedro Correia delivered an Operational Readiness workshop, in Munich, for the 16 host associations and technical delegates for the 2024 FIBA Youth Euro Basketball tournaments. The group engaged in discussions about standard and contingency situations that the venue teams may face during the delivery of a basketball game during their respective championships. The session was fruitful and highlighted the communication lines, the expected decision making and the existing gaps that will be bridged by each host with the support of FIBA.

BSE supports CAF, February 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 09_edited.jpg

BSE has supported CAF in launching an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for its 6 zonal Unions across the African Continent. We provided our expertise to define the tender strategy and to develop the technical requirements. They contemplate the introduction of a management accounting structure and reported, an integrated procurement and contracted management module amongst other features. This tender hopes to build on an economy of scale by using the same ERP system for each of the 6 organisations and to be able to consolidate at the CAF continental level.

Harare, December 2023


BSE visited Harare, Zimbabwe to support FIFA and ZIFA for a Leadership Retreat with the Normalization Committee (NC). The 3 day workshop focused in capacity building in areas like financial management, governance and operations, stakeholder and risk management and strategic planning. We have supported the NC to develop an operational plan, with SMART objectives so that they can accomplish the mandate provided in July 2023 and bring ZIFA back to normal operations.

The Bulgarian Basketball Federation, November 2023


Pedro Correia participated in an excellent FIBA+ workshop in Bulgaria, a country with a rich basketball history, especially on the women side. Beyond Sport Evernts supported the federation (BBF) to develop their strategic plan for the next 4 years. Interesting discussion on how to re-shape the structure to enable the implementation of this plan.

The Football Business Academy, October 2023

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 09.43.44.png

The FBA has invited Pedro Correia to take part on the Professional Master in Football Business to deliver the Competitions & Mega Events module.

PwC, October 2023

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 12.27.43.png

Pedro Correia has been engaged as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) by PwC to support the development of initial setup stages for the AFC Asian Cup 2027 in what concerns the structure, governance and the definition of the different proejcts scope.

FAF Technology and ERP tenders, October - November 2023

IT tender.jpeg

BSE has been supporting the Angola Member Association (FAF) to prepare the technical requirements and run the tender for their technical evolution project. This project is considered strategic in the process of digitisation and will be financed by FIFA Forward funds. Under this process BSE is supporting the federation in implementing an ERP system that will cover all the provincial associations. This project is a good example of the economies of scale that can be achived. It will be customised centrally and will then be deployed in 20 different organisations.

Zimbabwe, October 2023

Zimbabwe Oct23_edited.jpg

​Beyond Sport Events was in Harare to support FIFA in engaging the Normalisation Committee (NC) of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA). A club licensing workshop was held with the presence of the 18 PSL clubs, the league entity, and the players union. The different pillars were discussed with the purpose of having a functional domestic club licensing system in accordance with FIFA and CAF requirements. In addition, meetings were held with the NC and the Sports and Recreation Commission in order to assist ZIFA to establish an operational road map that will guide the federation towards the normalisation of its operations. Finally, the mission participants visited the ZIFA village and discussed how this National Technical Centre can be improved and made operational for the benefit of the different national teams.

MICO, October 2023

MILANO foto.jpeg

BSE experts have joined The Milano Cortina 2026 foundation to help the preparations and delivery of the Winter Olympic Games. Paulo César Silva took the Ticketing Operations Manager position whilst Raquel Cavaco Nunes is the Head of Media Operations.

UEFA Competitions, September 2023

UEFA Competitions.jpeg

The season 2023-24 started with different experts involved in the UEFA club and national team competitions. In the club competitions we have Paula Oliveira and Raquel Nunes delivering Real Sociedad and SL Benfica home matches in the UEFA Champions League, Pedro Correia is working with Sporting CP at the UEFA Europa League matches, and Alexandra Volkova conducting UEFA Europa Conference League matches with FC Lugano. In this European Qualifiers cycle our experts are working with the Portuguese and Romanian national teams in their qualifications path to UEFA Euro 2024TM that will be hosted Germany next summer.

CAF, September 2023

CAF ERP support.jpeg

BSE is supporting the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in establishing a ERP system for its 6 continental zones. This integrated system will include digital procurement, contract management, project management, the introduction of a management accounting system and the possibility to have consolidated reporting amongst other features. The introduction of this system will support the professionalisation of the zones and the overall financial governance.

FBA, August 2023


Pedro Correia has been invited as a guest lecturer, by the FBA, for the Professional Master in Football Business to discuss what needs to take place to organise a mega sport event. The full day session took place in the Nova SBE beautiful campus in Carcavelos - Lisbon. The session was very interactive, and the students were excited to better understand what it takes to organise the world's largest football events.

AFC - ACE, July - August 2023


Pedro Correia has supported the Football Business Academy (FBA) in delivering the Operational Management module of the Football Management Diploma for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE). Over a 100 top and middle management of Asian federations and regions have participated in this on-line delivery. The module was very appreciated, and BSE is happy to have contributed to the professionalisation of Asian football.

CIES, FIFA Master, June 2023


Beyond Sport Events was present in Neuchâtel to support CIES in the delivery of the Operational Readiness module for the 23rd edition of the FIFA Master. The Master is delivered in conjunction of the De Montfort University in Leicester, SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan and UNINE - Université de Neuchâtel. In this module the students were faced with standard and contingency situations that can take place in a different range of events. They had to respond to the simulation as a group to ensure the communication lines and the decision-making process is respected in order to deliver successful operations.

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