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Sanjay Kumar

Security, Competitions

Sanjay is a former football player with proven expertise in managing sporting and non-sporting events for more than 13 years.

Since 2010, he has been working with football organizations like FIFA, AFC, AIFF, SAFF, ASEAN.

As an event management expert, he provides a range of consultancy services with regards to end-to-end delivery of the event, Competition/Tournament Management and Safety & Security Operations, while he has also been part of non-sporting events like Expo 2020 Dubai as Security Expert.

Sanjay is working with AFC as General Coordinator, Match Commissioner and Safety & Security Expert for more than 10 Years.

As a FIFA Safety and Security Expert, he has been part of 5 different World Cups, the latest ones being FIFA Women’s World Cup AU-NZ 2023 and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

He is also an AFC Instructor, conducting seminars and workshop related to Competition Management and Safety & Security operations regularly to train MA's (including regional association, such as SAFF and ASEAN) and clubs representatives to improve the standard of their leagues as well as international matches.

In India, where he worked with AIFF for more than 10 years, he was instrumental in bringing positive changes in the Leagues and National Competitions by creating a pool of match operations expert and providing them necessary training on a regular basis.

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