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Jarmo Matikainen

Technical Development

Jarmo has a technical development background. He holds a UEFA Pro Licence for football coaching and a Sports Leadership Diploma. He is a former player for Finland and after a long career he moved to coaching. Jarmo has been working in the football industry for over twenty years in Finland, Wales, Canada and Estonia. First, he coached men’s club teams and then made a transition to women’s national team football.

Jarmo worked ten years as technical director of Finnish FA and after that has covered women’s national team head coach role in Wales and in Estonia. In addition, he coached Finland and Wales women’s youth teams and has been assistant coach for Finland and Canada Women’s senior team. His work has included technical and organisational development as well as strategical planning with budgetary responsibility.

Jarmo has been working for UEFA since 2006 as technical observer and instructor analysing both male and female competitions, helping to put together technical reports for football education. He has worked as instructor and facilitator for UEFA’s Share project helping member associations to develop and improve their structure in coaching, football education and player development. Recently he has been involved with UEFA Assist programme as technical expert, in leadership retreats, to support member association in Africa and Asia to review their overall structures and operations. In this role he has combined experience of organisational leadership and technical insights.

Player, coach, instructor, educator and leader Jarmo has decades of experience of football and futsal in different countries. Inclusion, access and sustainability are universal goals that reach go beyond different sports.

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