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Alexandra Volkova

TV Operations

Alexandra has been professionally involved in sports for the past 20 years accumulating experience and expertise in event management and broadcasting across 3 different continents and over 30 countries.

Starting as a producer with public sports broadcaster, Alexandra managed HB production of sport events and was responsible for the biggest sport-for-all festival in Russia. She shifted to rights-holders side and worked for the International Boxing Association in different roles getting a deeper knowledge of sport events and competition processes from various perspectives.

Alexandra has been acting as a sport TV production and broadcast liaison working with globally known production companies and rights holders such as UEFA, OBS, HBS and Panorama HD. Mandated by UEFA as Venue Operations and Broadcast Manager she has delivered over 100 Club Competition and National Team Competition matches.

Alexandra been working on the media and broadcasting side at mega sport events, namely UEFA European Championships, FIFA World Cups, Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games, and providing services to a series of organisations involved in the delivery of sport events.

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