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Arnaud Drijard

Strategy, Innovation and Events

Arnaud's career in sports business is over a quarter-century. From his formative years working agency-side for premier international sponsors, shaping their strategies and activations, Arnaud further honed his expertise during his tenure as the Global Sports Marketing Director of Lacoste. In this capacity, he spearheaded asset negotiations and activations, collaborating closely with top-tier international players and major events around the world.

In 2013, Arnaud entrepreneurial spirit took centre stage. He founded Moveo Lab, a venture responsible for organising a staggering 70+ international events across 25 different sports, including world championships, world cups, and Olympic qualifiers.


Concurrently, he birthed the Sport Innovation Society (SiS), a firm dedicated to consulting and driving innovation for sports organisations. Under the SiS banner, Arnaud and his team have orchestrated over 10 international innovation summits in global cities such as Mexico, Paris, and Tokyo. Today, SiS's portfolio proudly showcases collaborations with International Federations, National Federations in Football, Professional Football clubs, and several other notable entities in the sports arena.

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