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Leveraging on the experience and knowledge of our network of event and sport professionals, we will deliver high standard tailor made services to our clients on a wide range of areas.

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Planning and Strategy

Support in setting up LOC organi-sational structure, definition of an operational masterplan that will focus on corporate aspects (e.g. finances and budget control, procurement, staffing plan, project reporting, etc.) and the event planning and delivery details. Definition of service levels for the key stakeholders.

Venue Management

Support in the definition of the venue staffing structures, communication and decision-making process.

The services may also include the supervision of the setup and de-rig phases alongside all the event lo-gistics with the provision of staff for the event delivery.

Safety and Security

Support in defining a master security plan, crowd management and mobility plans, training for stewards and su-pervisors.

TV and Media Operations

Support in the elaboration of TV & Media plans, training for staff and eventually may include the provision of staff for the event delivery.

Other Functional Areas

Upon request consultants may be engaged to support the delivery of additional event projects. This may also include the identification of a tournament director to coordinate the full tournament planning and delivery.

Knowledge Management and Publications

Support the competitions organiser to establish a knowledge management programme that will ensure legacy for the forthcoming competitions. This will include the identification of dif-ferent concepts, debrief process and the elaboration of key publications.


Provision and training for match di-rectors/ general coordinators/ match commissioners.

Support in the definition of the com-petition administration.

Ticketing and Corporate Hospitality

Support in the elaboration of ticketing and corporate hospitality concepts, i-dentification of systems and agen-cies. May include the provision of staff for the event delivery.

Event Assessment

This may include technical asses-sment of the performance of different functional areas, research about the impact of the event in the host country, stakeholder polls, fan journey experience, sponsor visibility, etc.

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