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Leveraging on the experience and knowledge of our network of event and sport professionals, we will deliver high standard tailor made services to our clients on a wide range of areas.


Operational Readiness Workshops

Exercises designed for event training and organisational setting (e.g. com-munication crisis) scenarios in order to test standard and/or contingency situations. The exercises will use tabletop and/or simulation methodo-logies.

Radio Manuals

Support the event organiser in the elaboration of a manual on how to use walkie talkies in a specific event. Training sessions can be conducted as part of the simulations

Tabletops and

Exercises with scenarios designed to test standard and/or contingency situations in an event context or even in an organisational setting (e.g. communication crisis)

Event Training Concept

Support the event organise to establish a concept for the workforce and volunteers. This may include support in establishing a train the trainers programme and an e-learning system for the workforce and volunteers.

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