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Leveraging on the experience and knowledge of our network of event and sport professionals, we will deliver high standard tailor made services to our clients on a wide range of areas.


Organisational Reviews and Operational Development

Review of key documentation, orga-nisational self-assessment and inter-view key positions in order to assess the operational status. The asse-ssment will look into the statutes, key regulations, policies and procedures, financial documentation, functional structure and key bodies, functional strategies, communication profile, etc. The outcome will be a report to top management identifying key gaps and challenges as well as proposed priorities and a pragmatic action plan to improve the sports organisation operations.

Financial Management

Focuses on the financial situation and operations. The services will vary depending on the context and might include: development of customised policies and procedures, selection and implementation of an integrated ERP system, procurement processes and systems, introduction of mana-gement accounting, budgeting linked with the operational plan, budget con-trol and reporting, etc.

Competitions Management

Review of the competitions format structures and elaborations of a com-petition plan. Support in introducing a Competition Management System and optimisation of the administration processes.

Venue Inspections

Support the sports organisation to define criteria and a process for venue inspections. Support in defi-nition of a system and a template report for the site visits.

Marketing and Communications

Support in the conceptualisation of corporate events, sponsor activations, definition awards and other marketing aspects. Support the definition of communication concept (corporate vs fan engagement) and definition of communication plans.

Football Development

Support the federations in establi-shing a nationwide technical plan. Assessment of the situation and proposal of plans that will increase the player registration basis and player pathway progression for both genders and different game formats.

Domestic Club Licensing Planning

Focus on medium term plans for club licensing as a management and professionalisation tool. Typically anti-cipate a four-year plan for club and league development. Support the licensor on the monitoring process.


Support the sports organisation to de-fine an operational plan by establi-shing key goals and SMART objecti-ves. Provision of templates and support in establishing a timely mo-nitoring and review process.

Policies and Procedures

Review focused on the policies and procedures dimension. It might in-clude code of conduct, match fixing, safeguarding, the financial area, pro-curement, human resources manual including recruitment and staff asse-ssment. Other policies and proce-dures may be considered.

Sports IT Review

Offers a comprehensive analysis of the sports organisation's integrated IT systems framework. This includes evaluating the online visibility, its commitment to cybersecurity stan-dards, and an overarching gap ana-lysis. The review also delves into the engagement with OTTs and strea-ming platforms, ensuring they leve-rage the latest in content delivery. Post-review, a detailed report with actionable recommendations is pre-pared, aiming to elevate the orga-nization's IT and digital strategies. Collaboration is further extended in shaping the technical prerequisites for tenders and posterior implementation support.


Support in the definition of an in-tegrated brand ecosystem.

Layout and setting for publications as well as other marketing and commu-nication initiatives.

League Operations

Assessment of the top tier compe-tition(s) and management processes to optimise the functioning of the lea-gue entity and competitions opera-tions. Services may include the pro-cess of creation and separation of the league entity from the federation. This includes key governance aspects like the negotiation of the MoU / contract of delegating federation's respon-sibilities to the league entity and initial setup process (e.g. business plan, budgeting, staffing, operational plan, etc).

Referee Management

Assess the referee management operations, namely in: referee nomi-nation criteria, evaluation process, observation and match re-porting pro-cess. May include capacity building in general management topics (e.g. leadership, communication skills, etc).

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