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Bike Handles


We envision a world where sport organisations and events are management role models unleashing their full potential 


Our mission is to encourage sports organisations and event organisers to achieve excellency in their governance and operations.


Good governance
We defend good governance principles as the basis of success for any sport organisation and strive to motivate them to live up to these principles
We believe in efficient organisational processes and digitisation as the key catalysts for organisational effectiveness
We believe in small, flexible and agile organisations. We team up with a pool of experienced consultants to deliver the best services and advice to our customers
We are reliable and customise our services to the specific needs of sport organisations and events in order to add value
People orientation
We believe people to be the core organisational asset. As such we aim to transfer knowledge and capacity building to our customers in order to empower their staff and leadership
We aim to support sport organisations to deliver sustainable corporate and event operations
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